Crown Sports Lockers Wooden Locker Body

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Generally manufactured from melamine faced board 15 or 18mm thick.

The melamine face provides a durable scratch and water resistant surface which can be easily kept clean by wiping down with a clean moist cloth.

A range of colours and wood grain finishes enable colour co-ordination or the possibility to make a design statement.

Crown Sports Locker wooden2 tier clothes locker Crown Sports lockers 2 tier clothes wooden locker with shoe shelves in bottom  Crown Sports Lockers two tierwooden clothes locker with shoe shelves  Crown Sports Lockers 2 tierwooden locker with compartments   Crown Sports Lockers 2 tier wooden locker with shoe shelves and integral changing room seat
 Crown Sports lockers 4 tier wooden locker  Crown Sports Lockers 3 tier wooden locker   Crown Sports Lockers 1 tier wooden locker with integral sloping top Crown Sports Lockers 2 tier wooden z door locker


Unlike a metal body locker which because of the manufacturing process is only available in a small range of sizes, the wooden locker can be easily made using Crown Sports Lockers state of the art machines to any size and configuration to meet any specific need. True versatility.