Door Hinges for Crown Sports Lockers Wooden Lockers

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Hinges with 1 joint generally open to 125 degrees maximum. Hinges with more joints open to 170 degrees. The multiple joint hinges look more robust but the joints tend cause the doors to drop after a period of time.

Salice Hinge

Salice Hinge fitted to Crown Sports Lockers Doors   Salice Hinge Plate fitted to Crown Sports Lockers

Salice 110 degree clip on hinge mounted on cast plate with three ways cam adjustment with a 170 degree hinge fitment to last door on left hand side of a locker run is standard fitment on Crown Lockers.

Blume Hinge

Blume Hinge

110 degree screw on hinge which fits either the cast plate with 3 ways cam adjustment or the cheaper pressed plate.

Cast Plate   Pressed Plate   

Above left Cast Plate  Centre Pressed Plate  Above right Clip on Pressed Plate

Clip on Hinge

Clip on hinge (170 degree shown)