Door Numbers and Scratch Plates forCrown Sports Lockers wooden locker doors

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Door Numbers

Can be inset flush to face of door:

Crown Sports Locker engraved Door Numbers 

Above left ~ 35mm stainless finish poly disc with engraved number

Above right ~ 35mm stainless steel disc with acid etched coloured numbers

Scratch plates protect the wooden door face from scratching caused by padlocks or keys. The door number can be incorporated on the plate.

Crown Sports Locker Door Number Antiscuff Plates

Scratch plates can be personalised with the Company Logo.

Crown Sports Lockers Door Cutomised NumberAntiscuff Plates   Rectangular locker door number plate


Bespoke Locker door numbers. For the finishing touch to complement a theme or to stay with tradition we can create a number to suit your requirements
Porthole locker numberwalnut porthole locker door number
Traditional surface sign written number
sign written locker door number
Traditional engraved number with or without colour fill
Engraved wooden door locker numbers with and without fill