Locks for Wooden Lockers

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There is a wide range of locking solutions available to suit all applications and budgets, these options when used in combination with our own lock plate can offer improved security against forced entry. Crown Lockers only use locker locking systems that have a proven track record of reliability; there are only two mechanical components in a locker, the hinge and the lock, if either are unreliable the result will be aggravated clients and maintenance teams

All locker doors are right handed (hinged on RH side of door as you look at it) so the locks are Right Handed. The exception is on ‘Z’ shaped lockers when the doors are Right and Left handed and the locks similarly. This point is important since an incorrect lock will only work upside down!


Most of the mechanical locks Crown Sports Lockers fit have a hooked bolt which in the closed position locates behind the 2mm thich bright finish lock plate. This is an important security feature since it reduces the opportunity of forcibly springing the door open. If an attempt is made the hook  is restrained by the plate preventing lateral movement. The hole in the door for the lock barrel is machined as a 'Double D' which prevents the lock from being forcibly rotated thus releasing the cam from the lock slot

Image below illustrates this action, also the 'Double D' machined in the doors


The locking systems can be put into 5 categories:

Cam Locks
Coin / Token & Mechanically Operated Card Locks
Hasp Locks for Padlocks
Combination Locks Digital Keypad
RF Locks


All Crown Lockers cam locks are key retained when in the open position enabling the door to be pulled open without a door knob; they are fitted with a hooked cam which in the closed position locates behind our robust lock plate reducing considerably the risk of forced entry. Cam locks are most suited when fitted to personal lockers assigned to one user.

The Assa Abloy Cam Locks is our preferred mechanical lock option for ‘WET AREA LOCKS’ thus ensuring trouble free life even when the locks are subjected to use with wet chlorine covered keys. The six pin tumbler series is master keyed and a combination of cam, coin, or card locks can be on the same master key series. Crown Lockers have their own private registered Master Key series which are not available to other suppliers; this reduces misuse of commonly available series master keys.

Assa Abloy 6 pin tumbler cam lock parts used on Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers

Assa Abloy 6 pin tumbler cam lock



Lowe and Fletcher Cam Locks are a cost effective, reliable alternative particularly when used in dry areas. They are disc tumbler master keyed locks

 Lowe & Fletcher Euro lock for wooden lockers

 Lowe & Fletcher Disc tumbler lock for dry area lockers


These are most suited when fitted to ‘day lockers’ for multiple users. The key is retained in the lock in the open position. When a coin / token / card is inserted the cam can be turned to locked position and the key removed, when unlocked the coin is returned and the key is again retained in the lock ready for the next user. The main function of these locks is an effective key management system to reduce key loss or colonisation of a day locker for personal use.

Assa Coin Return Locks can be on the same Master Key Series as the cam locks, so on occasions when there is a mix of locks within a changing room only one master key is required also have the option of a fixed or removable barrel. Note hooked security cam.


£1 coin return locks fitted to Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers

The Card Variant of these mechanical locks uses the membership card which has specially punched holes to operate the lock; this refinement alleviates the need for searching for a coin


Assa Abloy membership card lock fitted to Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers

Lowe & Fletcher Coin Return Locks are an alternative option, available as fixed barrel pin or disc tumbler mechanism also with hooked security cam.


Euro Coin Return Locks manufactured by numerous manufacturers to a standard footprint, they operate in the same manner as the locks described above but have a cross bolt action in place of the hooked cam

 Low & Fletcher Euro £1 coin return lock for dry area lockers

HASP LOCKS FOR PADLOCKS – two options from Crown Sports Lockers

These locks are secured by padlocks, a simple cost effective solution to locker security.

There are many different versions readily available.

Crown introduce a new ‘Patent applied for design’. This lock offers unrivalled security from forced entry since the lock nozzle protrudes through the door making displacement of the lock body almost impossible plus there is the added feature of the rotating nozzle which prevents any torque being applied to wrench or destroy the mechanism.

'Thrudoor' Hasp Lock

Thrudoor hasp lock for wooden lockers

Crown hasp lock

For those who prefer the more conventional type of hasp lock that is fixed to the door and operates by engaging the hooked cam behind the lock plate. The lock body passes through the door and is secured by a nut thus preventing the lock being punched back which is a probem with all locks that are screwed to the back of the locker door. This lock does not require an anti-scuff plate to protect the face of the door from the suspended padlock

Chrome hasp lock for wooden lockersCrown Sports Lockers hasp lock fitted to wooden lockers in open position

ASSA Hasp Locks

All AssaAbloy locks that have been fitted by Crown have the same footprint and can be retrofitted to existing installations.

 Assa Abloy latch lock parts  for wooden lockersAssa Abloy latch lock in closed position



Most people have daily exposure to pin numbers which has overcome the early problems of them being forgotten and they offer a keyless system

Lowe & Fletcher keypad entry locks

Our preferred option because it overcomes all known operational problems of this type of lock and is available with a security hooked cam.

Features we like:
Human action to turn and lock the cam – this overcomes the problem of electrically driven systems failing to operate because of lock bolt having friction against the lock plate caused by pressure on door from overfilled locker.

Programmable for personal or day use

Has simple mechanical key management over ride facility to open lockers when pin number has been forgotten.

Lock body is secured though the door thus preventing the body being forcibly removed

Narrow footprint can be fitted to solid wood frame doors.

Available in black or silver finish.

Reasonable cost

Keypad locker locksilver or black finih

Lowe and Fletcher Combination Lock

This lock is recesssed into the face of the locker door face which not only looks smart but also does not damage the adjoining locker door face when 270 degree door hinges are fitted. There is a key operated overide  feature for opening lockers and is a popular choice with school lockers.

recessed combination lock for woodn door lockers


The Ojmar OCS Touch Lock is another preferred lock having a number of useful features and can be programmed for ether personal or day locker use, but it does have electronically driven bolt. Contact us for further information

Ojmar OCS Touch lock for wooden lockers


Digilock keypad enrty lock fitted to Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers

Digilock Key Pad Entry Locks.

Pleasing looks but the electronically driven horizontal bolt can bind on lock plate preventing operation

The locks are available programmed either for personal or day locker use. Both options have management keys which will open lockers in the event of a forgotten pin code.

RFL Radio Frequency Locks

Manufacturers include Ojmar, Salto.

All these locks have electronically driven bolts

These are operated by smart chips which can be embedded in a membership card, key fob or other medium. These chips can also be used as part of an access control system; for example allowing access into a car park, then into reception through to a designated changing room but preventing access to other areas.

This chip can used to programme gym equipment to a specific personal training programme. An additional option is cash less sales, and because the system is digital audit trails are available for all aspects.

Lock Bezels

Shown below are some of the bezels that may have been fitted by Crown Lockers.


Double D, round stainless steel and plactic lock bezels fitted to Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers lock