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Crown Sports Lockers wooden lockers and ancillary changing room furniture are suitable for use within changing rooms typically found in Golf Clubs, Health and Fitness Centres, Spas, Sports Clubs, Offices and other applications where a timber locker gives a complimentary appearance .

Crown SportsLockers wood lockers and furniture is perfect for installation in rooms with carpet, or wood floors. They can also be installed in rooms with tiled or other washable floors, providing the maintenance and cleaning regime recommendations are followed.

They are unaffected by normal levels of humidity and chlorine in the air typically found in the changing rooms adjacent to swimming pools.

Wet area floors with tiles or other washable surfaces should be cleaned using a scrubber and not washed down with low or high pressure hoses because these cause overspray or splash back from adjacent services which after a period of time will adversely affect the lacquer finish.

We would not consider the products to be suitable for use in high volume swimming pool areas because of the constant contact with water and the frequent and demanding cleaning regimes.

We have hundreds of installations which have been installed in centres which have both swimming pools and fitness facilities, all of which have performed without problems except where the maintenance and cleaning instructions have not been followed.

With our experience in manufacture and installation we would advise against an installation if we felt the product was unsuitable for the purpose.