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Identify the Parts of a Crown Sports Locker Wooden Locker

Locker Parts

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Lock Plates

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Lock plates used on wooden lockers

These images will help you identify the type of lock plate that may be fitted to a wooden locker.

Bright Steel Plate

2mm bright steel plate fitted to side of the wooden locker body.

This is a universal plate but cannot be retrofitted to existing lockers with a different type of plate.

Stainless Steel Plate

1mm stainless steel plate.

Wraps around and locates on the front edge of the wooden locker body. This may be in 3 different types depending on the application. See below on how to identify which is which.

Wrap Around Plate Identification

Identify the plate

1. Is it secured by 2 or 4 screws?
2. What is the width of the slot 6 or 8mm.
3. What is the distance of the slot from the front edge.

Lock Plates
Low Security Locker Plate

If the plate is secured by two screws it can be replaced by a plate with 4 screws

Below is a simple plate that may have been fitted to some wooden lockers by other manufacturers but offers low security.

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