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Wooden Locker Replacement Parts

Crown Sports Lockers offer a comprehensive range of replacement part for Lockers and this guide has been written to assist identify the parts you may need.

For ease of use we have divided the information into two lists.

Section 1: Every day Replacement Parts List – this includes keys, key number disc, carry pins, coat hangers and locks. These are the parts which require regular replacement as a result of loss and are easy to identify

Section 2: Occasional Replacement Parts List – this includes hinges, lock plates, doors. These are the parts that rarely need replacing, but when they do they are usually as a result of damage or vandalism.

Section 1:
A.    Key replacement
B.    Lock Replacement
C.    Key Carry Pin
D.    Split Ring
E.    Key Number Disc
F.    Coat Hanger

Section 2:
A.    Lock Plate
B.    Coat Hanger Rail
C.    Coat Hook
D.    Hinges
E.    Cubicle Fittings
F.    Vent
G.    Vanity Counter Ring
H.    Door
I.    Island Seat


All Crown Sports Locker key systems are on a master keyed suite with each key having a unique number. Any installation made by Crown Sports Lockers will have had a key / locker number list prepared at the time of installation and posted by recorded delivery together with the master keys.

If the list has not been maintained or has been lost, the following guide will assist you to identify the manufacturer, master series and unique key number. If the manufacture is not one of those shown below, the same principle will apply.



If all the keys have been lost and no records have been maintained you will need to remove the lock to determine the unique key number which is stamped on the side of the barrel. You can determine the master key series from other keys in the changing room.



These keys will have the manufactures name on one side and on the other side there will be one number, the master key series is the first two digits (25, 95,96,97, etc) and unique key number will follow with a value of 1-999.

Lowe Keys
Lowe Keys Round

If all the keys have been lost the key number of a coin lock can be found on the side of the barrel the same as an ASSA lock. The key number for a cam lock may be stamped on the front face of the lock by the key entry, if not the lock will need to be replaced completely.

Key Number Tag Complete