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Where to Use Wooden Lockers and Changing Room Furniture?

Leisure and Fitness Clubs, Spas, Golf Clubs, Football, Rugby Clubs, Snooker Clubs and Corporate – hot desking, legal and Choral robing storage, and general office use, staff lockers, schools. In fact, anywhere, except directly wet poolside locations.

The benefits of using wooden lockers

Why use wooden lockers?

Wooden Lockers should be used where aesthetics are important; unlike metal lockers or laminate lockers which when installed usually stand in austere rows. Where wooden lockers are installed they will compliment office furnishings, architectural finishes, and when used with wooden changing room furniture and other accessories such as product display cabinets and reception desks will give a ‘shopfiitted ‘ integrated environment that will complement the facility and provide a pleasing place for all who work or visit.

General Benefits of Wooden Lockers

  • Can be made in small quantities to any height, depth or width.
  • Can be made with a range of internal fittings to suit particular needs
  • Can have wood grain or coloured bodies
  • Can be made to co-ordinate with office furniture finishes.

Cosmetic Benefits of Wooden Lockers

With a wide range of door finishes to choose from, fantastic visual effects can be acheived to compliment your environment.

Why not consider wooden Lockers with traditional wood frame doors with one of the following finishes:

  • Raised and fielded inner panels
  • Upholstered centre panels
  • Wood veneer panels
  • Wood effect panels
  • High pressure laminate panels
  • Glass panels

Now Add Some Changing Room Furniture

We offer a comprehensive range of complementary wooden furniture to complete the changing room including: wooden bench seating, robe hanging units, changing cubicles, grooming stations, wet and dry vanity units, towel Stores and used towel drop units, mirrors, product display cabinets, notice boards and more.

Why not call us and use our experience to ensure that your locker room or changing room refurbishment is the success that your organisation needs. Whether you represent a school, college, university, sports club, golf club or spa, we have a wealth of experience that can help you to get the job done on time and within budget.